• Dwyane Wade electing to sign with the Chicago Bulls
    • Why the Bulls are smarter than fans think from a business and basketball standpoint
    • Why it was beyond time for Wade to take care of himself and some shocking financial numbers from his time with the Miami Heat
    • If the Bulls will be a title contending team with the core of Rajon Rondo, Jimmy Butler and Wade?
    • Why Rondo and Wade both are going to be incredibly beneficial to Butler’s game
  • Chris Bosh and Russell Westbrook
    • Should they get together and sob tears rooted in mutual empathy due to their abandonment?
  • Golden State Warriors
    • Why the Cleveland Cavaliers still might have a edge over the super-team Warriors
    • Will asks the impossible? Is it possible to add a player like Kevin Durant and weaken your team in an area that was previously exposed?
    • Why Kevin Durant may be in more of a lose-lose situation than most people realize of think
    • How branding, entertainment and marketability affects athlete’s decisions and why no one should be hypocritical in either Durant or Wade making the fiscally wise decisions

And all things NBA.

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