Will opens up discussing:

  • The devastating loss of Pat Summitt
    • What she meant to women’s basketball and women in general being able to break through in the South as she did
    • The legacy she left and some of the touching stories that demonstrated the woman’s heart
    • Why she was a ¬†pioneer
  • The loss of Buddy Ryan
    • Discusses his legacy and impact he’s left on the game and his son
    • Offers respect for the great coach
  • Andrew Luck’s Contract
    • Discusses how Luck can spend his first paycheck ending poverty or buying schoolbooks for one hemisphere of children
    • Contemplates why Jim Irsay would openly make it so easy in discussing he was going to give Luck the richest QB contract ever months before he did so
    • The risks involved in the deal

Then Will is joined by Bleacher Report’s and Today’s Fastbreak’s Kelly Scaletta to discuss:

  • Kevin Durant sweepstakes
    • Would he be crazy to consider Boston?
    • Is he going to leave?
    • How him landing on either the Spurs or Warriors affects his legacy
  • Dwight Howard
    • What is his value now?
  • NBA Free Agency
    • Kelly gives his sneaky most valuable free agent on the market
  • Los Angeles Lakers
    • Kelly discusses what fans and the team need to do to get this thing correct

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